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Help to Stay at Home  Transport    

National Travel Assistance
This scheme provides financial help for people who have high travel costs due to distance or frequent visits to a medical specialist or disability service. Renal dialysis patients may also qualify for assistance. National Travel Assistance is funded by Ministry of Health. For more information contact your local District Health Board or click on 'more info'.
SuperGold Card Travel
Card holders are entitled to free off-peak travel on buses, trains and harbour ferry services, where applicable. Hours are from 9am to 3pm, from 6.30pm to the end of service on weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays. SuperGold replaces the Community Services Card and the NZ Super Card.
Hospital Shuttles
Transport to clinics and medical appointments can sometimes be publicly-funded through the District Health Board (DHB). Contact your local DHB or visit their website to see if this service is provided. Contact details for NZ District Health Boards can be found at the link above.
Discount Taxi Vouchers
The Total Mobility Scheme reduces the cost of taxi travel for people assessed as unable to use public transport because of permanent disability. Those eligible hold an identity card. A number of disability organisations such as Alzheimer’s, Stroke Foundation, Age Concern and others assess for eligibility. Cost ranges upward from $8 and not all agencies make home visits.
Driving Assessment
Older drivers must renew their driver licence. For information for drivers 75+ contact Land Transport NZ on 0800 822 422
How to renew a licence: Older drivers: Licence renewal
Where to go for testing: Driver licensing agents in your area
Keeping moving: The positive guide for senior road users
Dementia and driving: Fact Sheet
Parking Permits for Disabled
Mobility Parking Permits enables people with disabilities to park in reserved spaces close to their destination, or park longer than the stated time in some standard car parks and metered spaces. The scheme is run by CCS Disability Action.
St Johns Ambulance Subscription
This subscription covers emergency ambulance call-out charges anywhere in New Zealand. The St John Supporter Scheme does not cover transport on discharge from hospital, transfer from one hospital to another, or transport to clinic appointments. Phone 0800 780 780
Disability Allowance Assistance with Travel Costs
Tickets or receipts showing the date, cost and how you travelled to see your doctor, specialist, hospital or counsellor can be used to help claim Disability Allowance. The allowance is means tested.
PHO Assistance with Transport
Funded through Services to Improve Access (SIA) funding. Eligibility is based on need and patients are usually referred by a GP. Strict criteria apply. Please check with your PHO to see if you may be eligible.
Special Disability Allowance Help with Travel costs
This allowance can help meet the costs of visiting your spouse or partner if they are receiving Residential Care Subsidy or have been in hospital or a rest home for over 13 weeks. You must be on a benefit to receive the allowance.
Other Transport Options / Information
For further information on transport options, including companies offering wheelchair access taxis and modified vehicles, visit the Weka website:
Volunteer Support  
Volunteer drivers are sometimes available for specific user groups e.g. cancer patients, disability groups or returned servicemen. Ask locally to see if you can access any of these services or contact your medical centre to see if there is any other help available. 

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