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Rest Homes & Hospitals  Complaints / Transfers

It is okay to talk about some aspect of care which concerns you or your family / whanau. Dealing with a small issue early can prevent something becoming a larger problem.
If you think the care or facilities in your rest home or hospital are not up to standard, first check the agreement or contract you signed. It should set out the services you can expect and extra costs. You have the right to refuse any additional services offered and this should be noted in the agreement. Rest homes and hospitals contracted to a District Health Board cannot charge for services already part of this contract, only for extra services outside the contract.
Rest homes and hospitals must meet the requirements of:
dot Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights
dot Health and Disability sector standards
dot Aged Residential Care contract with the District Health Board

Rest homes and hospitals are required to have a complaints process and it is always best to talk to the manager first. It is your right to have support friend or family whanau member, or you can ask for help from a health advocate see contact below.

If you are not satisfied after using the above processes, then:
dot For concerns about quality of care, contact the Health and Disability Commission
dot For concerns about services the facility is required to provide to residents, contact Seniorline.
dot For concerns about how much you have to pay, check the admission agreement with the rest home or hospital, which should specify all charges.
dot For financial issues you are not able to resolve with a rest home or hospital, contact the Funding manager for the District Health Board concerned. Phone Seniorline for contacts.

Health Advocates 0800 555 050
Health & Disability Commission 0800 11 22 33
Seniorline  09 375 4395 or 0800 725 463



You have the right to move to another facility. 
If you have been in a rest home / hospital for a while, or if your health has changed, it is best to have a reassessment to check the level of care you require. Liaise with needs assessment and service co-ordination (NASC) before making a move. 
If you are receiving public funding, a needs assessor must do a transfer form. If you experience any difficulty, ask your local NASC for assistance. 


 Find local contacts


The national contract between care providers and District Health Boards requires that the provider makes the transfer easy. Transfer to another District Health Board requires approval of the receiving NASC team for that area prior to the move. This applies to all residents. Check the length of notice required in your Admission Agreement and make arrangements to fit. Ministry of Health will not pay subsidy to two different facilities at the same time.

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