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Contracted Care Services
Private Payers
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Residential Care Subsidy
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Rest Homes & Hospitals  Cost of care    


If you have been needs assessed as requiring long term care in a rest home or hospital, you may be concerned about funding this care. There are essentially three options; apply for help with payment through the Residential Care Subsidy or Loans scheme, or pay fees privately.

Fees for all levels of care are capped at the Maximum Contribution rate for both subsidised and privately paying residents, unless you agree to pay premium room fees. Payment of Maximum Contribution covers ‘contracted care services’ which are detailed in the contract between the care provider and local District Health Board.

To qualify for Residential Care Subsidy you must have a needs assessment recommending long-term care and meet financial eligibility criteria. You are means tested to see how much you can contribute toward the cost of care and the subsidy makes up the difference.

Contracted Care Services
Services that should be provided, extra costs, admission agreements
Private Payers
What you can expect to pay, maximum contribution, top up subsidy, the residential care loan scheme
Premium Room Fees
What are these, who pays, what to be aware of
Residential Care Subsidy
Eligibility, how to apply
Income and Asset Testing
Fine detail on what is counted as income and asset, allowable gifting
Terms you need to know and what they mean

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