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Carer support subsidy

A carer is a person who looks after someone with a disability at home on a full time basis. If you do this and need time out, you may be eligible for Carer Support Subsidy. This gives you a break by helping to pay for someone else to look after the person you usually care for. 

Other relief care options

Relief care works differently in each region, it can include funding for day care programmes, in home relief care and short term rest home stays. Check with Needs Assessment and Service Coordination in your local area to see if you qualify.

Help finding a relief carer

MyCare() is an online carer matching service that aims to help carers find and access relief carers more easily. Ask your NASC organisation to refer you to the service. You can also access MyCare by calling 0800 677 700.

e-Mploy Online Recruitment() is part of Manawanui, a management service for people with disability. It offers a free brokering site which allows you to advertise and search for support staff. See profiles of people looking for work in your area. Advertise anything from traditional personal care through to household maintenance and community outings. Call 0508 462 427

Carers New Zealand

Established in the early 1990s by and for family carers, Carers NZ() provides information, advice, learning and support for family caregivers. 

Alzheimers New Zealand

Alzheimers New Zealand() represents people living with dementia at a national level by raising awareness of dementia, providing information and resources, advocating for high quality services, and promoting research about prevention, treatment, cure and care. Local Alzheimers organisations provide support, education and information to people affected by dementia and their carers. Call 0800 004 001 to see if services are provided in your area. 

Dementia New Zealand

Dementia New Zealand() supports people living at home with dementia to live well and with as much independence as possible. Dementia NZ was founded in 2016 by three dementia service organisations: Dementia Auckland, Dementia Waikato and Dementia Canterbury. These were soon followed by Dementia Hawkes Bay, Dementia Lakes and Dementia Wellington. Call 0800 433 636 to access services in the areas listed.

Supported living payment

To qualify for the Supported Living Payment() you need to be caring full-time for someone at home who isn't your husband, wife or partner. The person you're caring for must otherwise require hospital or residential-level care. If you are a full-time carer and you have a partner, their income is taken into account. Contact your local Work and Income office.